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Created in His image

For those who were able to get to the Eisteddfod this week they will have enjoyed many varied and talented performances including two choirs last Sunday which both have members from our church. The creative gifts that God has given are a great blessing and as in the choirs can also be a means of communicating the greatness and grace of our God. One thing is certain, no single event happened by accident whether it was the practice of the performances or the programme of the event.

That thought links in with my participation at the PACE lunch-club at Elizabeth College where the question was, What is the meaning of the Genesis account in the world of science and reason? That we are created in God’s image and no accident of time and place is the great theme of scripture. Even the fall has become a staging post to our redemption in Christ – a new creation, born not of accident, or of the will of flesh but born of God. What a gift of grace!

Does that mean we need to neutralise our mind and our Christian school children cannot reason both scientifically and Bibilically? By no means, some of the greatest scientists have been men and women of faith. It was Galileo who said “Science tells us how the heavens go, the Bible tells us how to get to heaven.”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John.


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