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Have a Happy & Blessed 2015

I pray a happy and God blessed New Year to everyone.

This Sunday, the first in the New Year can so easily seem to be the “after Christmas / New Year Sunday” when the challenges of life and living become day to day reality in the depths of winter.

However for us as God’s family it can be that special time of meeting with Him, rejoicing in the promises of His Covenant relationship with us and renewing our Covenant commitment with Him through Christ Jesus our Lord. In this way we find God in all that is past and hope for the future. We also find His special presence for this New Year, new seasons and new promises and even the in the so called “mundane ordinary” living of life.

May this Covenant service this morning be special for all of us gathered at Spurgeon this morning and those at home remembering the service here.

God bless,

Pastor John.


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